Our design consultants will tailor a plant scheme for your environment using a premium selection of containers and plants that can be customized according to your desired aesthetic taste. 

We will assist in selecting the plants that will thrive in your space year-round by observing factors such as location, lighting levels, traffic, temperature, décor, and humidity to ensure the best foliage atmosphere for our clients.

With every design consultation we will make certain a proposal of everything conversed in the preliminary consultation, including a proposal of a maintenance program, is given to our clients to ensure no mistakes.

Plantel also guarantees the lowest prices on all plants, containers, and maintenance programs for our clients.



Our professional installation team will make sure all elements of the installment such as: plants, containers, set-up, and plant placement arrive at your location.

We will promptly place them in their predetermined location with no distractions to our surroundings and answer any questions you may have at the time of delivery.  

Before every installation, we hand select premium plants to be placed into your location. After selection we make certain that the plants are tested, hand cleaned, watered, and fertilized to ensure our clients get on the best from Plantel.


Our trained, uniformed horticulturists will provide all the care necessary for your plants to maintain their lush, green, and attractive appearance. We will ensure that each plant is met with all elements of service including, watering, trimming, pruning, dusting, pest-preventing and pest-control.

We are QAC and QAL certified to fertilize plants and only use environmentally safe products. Plantel’s main goal is to guarantee that both plants and our clients are met with top satisfaction.

All plants, service, and maintenance are guaranteed under Plantel. If any plant losses its decorative value, we will immediately replace that plant for free. We will provide our clients with the best reliability, professionalism, and satisfaction to ensure a worry-free green environment.